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Facial Massage

A New Lucrative Hammam Spa in Enfield.

HK Hammam & Spa is your one-stop-shop for all your spa and beauty treatments! Whether you want a new look for that special occasion or are ready for a pamper day, HK Hammam & Spa is the best choice for total body care.


We have collated a list of our FAQ's below. If you have a question that is not answered below then please send us your question here and we’ll be happy to help

What is a Hammam?

A Hammam is an ancient bathing technique where people would go to clean themselves in a public steam room. The baths can be separated by gender and many people will spend hours chatting amongst themselves. The Hammam experience is a combination of a mild skin wash and a  thorough body scrub with a well-known special soap. Before starting the experience, a stay of about 10 minutes in the steam bath is recommended. The pores of the skin will then open up, making dirt and sebum easy to remove. You lie on your stomach on a warm marble slab ready for your treatment. The tellak floods your body with warm water followed by the body being scrubbed with a special glove, a kese, and rinsed again with warm water. Then the body is soaped with special olive soap which is massaged into the skin. Finally, the body is rinsed again with warm water. Afterwards, expect to feel fresh and relaxed.

Can I order food/drinks during my booking?

Yes, for private bookings you can now also pre-book a fruit bowl, snacks, salads and drinks. We do also provide our Hammam menu cards.

What are the costs involved for private bookings?

The costs for private bookings vary depending on how big your guest list is and what treatments you are after. Therefore, we cannot set out a fixed price without discussing your requirements.

How can I reserve a private booking?

You can reserve a private booking by contacting us on 0203 441 9797 or emailing us at Please allow ample time prior to contacting to ensure that we have no other bookings in place for your given date.

Do I have to use the spa to have treatments?

No, treatments are bookable 6 days a week, the exception to this are the Hammam treatments.

Can children use the spa or have treatments?

No, the minimum age to use the spa is 16 years old. Under 16's can only have certain treatments done, e.g. gel nails. Should they want to get another treatment, they would require to be with a parent or guardian and fill out the relevant forms provided upon arrival.

Do you sell gift vouchers?

Yes. These can be for specific treatments or a monetary amount. Vouchers can be purchased through here, over the phone or in person at the spa and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. Gift cards once purchased may not be refunded, except in accordance with your online purchase legal rights and is not exchangeable for any form of cash or credit. 

What happens if you don't have a therapist available?

How can I cancel my appointment?

If you are unable to keep your appointment, please contact us on 0203 441 9797 or

We will endeavour to fill your time slot. In the unlikely event that we cannot, we will be in touch suggesting an alternative time slot.

All payments made are non refundable. If paying on the day the customer must secure that appointment with a deposit. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy – if you cancel within this timeframe, then you are still liable to pay the full treatment and you will lose your deposit. 

If you pay for a package deal, the balance you have paid will be non refundable once you have had the first treatment. 

If a deposit is paid towards a package deal, then this deposit can not be transferred towards other treatments.

What is your cancellation policy?

Yes, we ensure that all the therapists we work with are fully insured.

Do your professionals have insurance?

What conditions would restrict a treatment?

If you have any recent scar tissue, skin allergies, cuts, eczema or bruising we advise that you tell your therapist as they may have to adapt the treatment to your condition.

What would prevent me from having a treatment?

Infectious conditions will prevent you from having the treatment. If you have had anything infectious recently or are worried about something we would advise that you speak to your doctor before booking.

How can I join as a therapist?

If you or someone you know would like to join as a therapist please email

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